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Terrazzo Photo Frame

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Overview & Brief

We were delighted when Jamie Hawkins from Hawkins Framing approached us about creating an experimental frame using our materials.

Jamie was looking for the perfect frame to beautifully compliment the photo within. For this project, the image was a classic 1930s suburban house and grounds with a dark and misty aesthetic.

Jamie then began thinking about using terrazzo as a picture frame. His family business (started by his dad in 1993) creates bespoke frames for artwork and photography.


Jamie expressed his interest in terrazzo, and he was set on using it for this frame. When looking at the logistics,  our MD John Krause put forward that cement terrazzo simply wouldn’t work.

Instead, John suggested that Jamie would need to consider resin terrazzo and eventually went on to recommend that Jamie looked at conglomerate as an alternative.

The thinking behind this was that using conglomerate would be able to support a very thin profile that could be smoothly drilled into without worry.

Formed from standard sheet thickness, the frame was cut and polished to make a 20x45mm box profile.

To finish it off, it was assembled with anti-reflective glass, custom painted spacers and a birch ply subframe for support and hanging.


We are over the moon with the outcome of this project. The colours and tones of the terrazzo perfectly flatter the mood of the photo which lays inside.

Hawkins Framing Instagram | Website

Photography by Tom Archer

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