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Case Studies

The granite vinyl player

By September 6, 2021No Comments

Overview & Brief

Our client Andrew Okocha needed some help making his turntables dreams come true!

As a music lover, he was delighted to find an EMT Series turntable, the type once used by the BBC. The only problem was, it was just a skeleton frame. His new piece of kit, therefore, needed to be suspended in some sort of box to stop the vibrations.

Usually, these boxes are made from wood, but Andrew has a different vision and approached us with this project after noticing our company signage, and consequently, paying us a visit.


When it came to choosing the material, Andrew told us “I like the idea of granite or marble, something heavy, a pristine type of material”.

He looked around our warehouse to find the perfect fit for his vinyl player, and after going back on forth on different colours and materials, he finally settled on our GR010, black impala – a dark grey granite.


After firing up his new toy, Andrew was overjoyed with how well it worked, as well as how smart it looked. The sound quality turned out to be fantastic “It’s deathly quiet, absolutely no background noise. When you set the cartridge off, you hear nothing until the record starts playing”.

Andrew is so pleased he is considering commissioning another stone turntable box!

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