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Case Studies

Delightful door handles

By September 21, 2021No Comments

Overview & Brief

After spotting some rather unusual door handles on his travels, MD of Diespeker & Co John Krause, decided he wanted to make a similar product for our clients. They are the perfect addition to any cabinet, drawer or cupboard to add a bit of personality to your home.

Soon, production started and they began to be manufactured at Diespeker’s workshops in South East London.


These are available to order through us on Diespker Living and are customisable.

The door handles can be made in any of our natural stones or terrazzo designs giving the opportunity to match any of our countertops, flooring or even splashbacks. You can also fit them seamlessly into any colour scheme.

As mentioned, they are suitable for drawers, cupboard doors and interior doors. As well as the stone material, you can choose the hardware. They are available in brass, aluminium and stainless steel, with square, rectangular or round options. They can be set in flush or at 1mm.


Since launch, these have been extremely popular and we look forward to working with more clients who love our stone and terrazzo styles and colours.

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